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Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

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Our Mission

We know what it's like to need help. Chances are, we've been exactly where you are sitting, right now. Looking desperately for help, Or searching even more desperately for a loved one.  

Drug & Alcohol Treatment centers in the United States right now are in a bad state. Corruption and human trafficking are running rampant. Centers want clients overly medicated and stuck in an endless cycle of addiction, detox, sober living, then detox again. The lucky ones make it back to detox, anyway.

So the question then becomes, where do you send yourself or loved ones to get help? This is a vast and scary terrain to traverse, and it can become over whelming super fast. Phoning a helpline, will only lead you to a for profit call center, where a money hungry, manipulative, sales agent will attempt to pawn you off to the highest bidder. It's a dark market. Our mission is to fight. Day in & day out, against these perversions of humanity. We exist solely because, somebody was there to help us in our darkest of moments. By helping one another, we no longer have to fumble around in the darkness by ourselves.

What We Provide

It is our main purpose to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible. Group, Individual Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Outings & Team Building Exercises, all while allowing and encouraging you to maintain pursuing your personal goals like work, school and family life. We teach life skills like budgeting and good financial habits such as building credit, we will cover topics in the realm of not just Addiction, but every day adult life and interactions, careers, grief & loss and much more.

This is an essential program for individuals leaving in-patient treatment, and needing to rejoin the real world in a safe environment. 

It is especially important in the first year to attend 12 Step Meetings as well as therapy on a regular basis. Consistent vigilance is key if one desires to achieve long term sobriety.  We provide transportation to and from meetings, however clients are encouraged to be self sufficient

Our Facility

Elevate IOP Coming Soon
Currently Under Construction

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Facility Currently Under Construction

Elevate Out Patient

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The Elevate Out Patient office is currently under construction.
Estimated competition,  6/10/2021

In the meantime, we have relationships with IOP, Detox & In-Patient facilities all over Los Angeles, and only provide our clients with the best care. 

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